West Coast Salmon Charcuterie Board

West Coast Salmon Charcuterie Board

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Serves: 4-10

Prep time: 20 min


A variety of sliced cured meats and smoked salmon. Choose from: (West Coast Select) peppered candied salmon; double-smoked sockeye strips; maple sockeye nuggets; or cold-smoked sockeye lox.

A variety of soft and hard cheeses, like: Brie; Havarti; Gouda; Mozzarella; Provolone; Blue Cheese; etc.

Cured olives and pickles

Roasted and fresh veggies

Spreads, jams and mustards with with a variety of crackers and bread sticks.

A colorful variety of fresh and dried fruit such as grapes, berries ,and dried fruit

A variety of nuts such as pignoli, pistachios and almonds

Fresh herb sprigs such as mint or rosemary




Step 1

Grab a large platter or two, you can use cutting boards, ceramic platters, slate cheese boards, marble slabs, etc.

Step 2

Artfully arrange where you want your cheese selection and jars, bowls of olives/pickles, jams, then place varieties of meat/salmon slices and rolled up meats/salmon around.

Step 3

Scatter crackers and bread sticks to fill up space, then add your fruit, nuts, and herbs to make keep the colors balanced and beautiful.



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